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  • Zwift Activity Monitor Pro is a complete rewrite of the original program.
    • Resizable main window
    • Color themes or custom colors with optional transparent background
    • Custom fonts and font sizing
    • Two additional collectors (15s and 2m)
    • Hide / Show collectors
    • Hide / Show columns in grids
    • Configuration of units for power, speed, and distance. Can simultaneously display metric and imperial values
    • Tabs can be moved to top/bottom/left/right
    • 3x larger buttons on Lap View
    • Auto-Pause when Zwift clock stops (user selectable)
    • Hotkeys (shortcuts) for view selection and lap operation
    • Comprehensive ride recap. Now with graphs, power numbers, splits, and laps. Can be emailed or printed.

The readme file contains detailed information on each view and feature.

Please Note: The Pro release installs side-by-side with the original ZAM. Current users will need to set your network and configure your user profile.

Please join the Zwift Activity Monitor Users FB group to keep in touch with us and other ZAM users!

Download Latest Release

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